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Maximize Your Savings with Up to $3,000 in Government Rebates and Transform Your Energy Consumption. We Organise The Rebate on Your Behalf.


Say goodbye to soaring energy costs by bidding farewell to your outdated electric or gas hot water system. Embrace a greener, more cost-effective future with our award winning energy-efficient 180L or 270L electric heat pump. Trinity Plumbing are authorised installers under Solar Victoria and Greenbank.  

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For more than 20 years, Trinity Plumbing has offered expert plumbing solutions throughout the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside and across Victoria. Our wide range of services make us highly experienced plumbers. We meticulously select top-tier, cost-effective heat pumps, prioritizing both quality and affordability. It’s with great confidence that we endorse the iStore electric heat pump as our top recommendation.

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Whether you’re embarking on a new construction project, renovating your space, or seeking an eco-friendly hot water solution that not only saves you money but also significantly reduces your carbon footprint, the iStore is the ideal choice. Engineered to excel in even the most challenging Australian environmental conditions, the iStore stands head and shoulders above its competitors. That’s why we proudly offer a 5-Year Comprehensive Warranty, guaranteeing its performance and durability.


The iStore boasts 4 intelligent operating modes adapting to all situations, including a hybrid mode for when additional guests are staying in your home and a vacation mode for when you are away on holidays

Optimal design

External wrap around heating coil provides maximum thermal energy transfer

Low consumption

The iStore consumes approximately 1 kW of power during the air-to-energy process (average household running cycle is 3 – 4 hours = 3 – 4 kWh total)

Money & energy savings

For the average Australian household, heating water accounts for up to 30% of the total energy usage. The iStore saves you money!

How it works

1. A fan draws in air, containing heat energy, across the

2. The evaporator turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas

3. The compressor pressurises the refrigerant into a hot gas

4. The hot gas inside the condenser coil heats the water
inside the coil-wrapped tank

5. The refrigerant reverts back to a liquid after heating the
water and continues to the evaporator for the process to
start again

6. The cycle continues until the set target temperature is

7. As water is used in the home, the cycle will restart once the temperature in the tank has dropped below 45 °C

The iStore harnesses renewable energy to warm your water, all without relying on solar panels. It efficiently captures energy from the ambient air and utilizes it for water heating. This innovative technology renders the iStore exceptionally efficient, offering the most economical means of producing hot water.

Victoria Heat Pump Rebates: Rebate Amount: Up to $1000

The Solar Victoria Hot Water Rebate is a government initiative in Victoria, Australia, intended to incentivize the adoption of heat pump hot water systems. It promotes sustainability, reduces energy use, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions by offering households an upfront rebate of up to $1000 when they install eligible heat pump hot water systems. To qualify for this rebate, your existing hot water system must be over 3 years old, and eligibility is subject to means testing.

STC Incentive: Estimated Value: Approximately $850 to $1050.

The Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) Incentive offers a valuable opportunity to those contemplating the installation of heat pump hot water systems. Through this initiative, individuals installing eligible heat pump hot water systems can accrue STCs. These certificates symbolize the environmental advantages of adopting renewable energy and play a role in diminishing greenhouse gas emissions. The STC Incentive is typically applied as a point-of-sale discount and applies to both new system installations and the replacement of existing, inefficient hot water systems.

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VEU Incentive:

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program offers a compelling incentive for those considering the installation of heat pump hot water systems in Victoria. By making the switch to energy-efficient heat pump technology, households can make substantial reductions in their carbon footprint and energy consumption. Under the VEU program, these positive environmental impacts are recognized and rewarded through the issuance of energy efficiency certificates, known as Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). VEECs are generated based on the energy savings achieved when replacing conventional electric hot water systems with heat pump alternatives. Participants can then trade and monetize these VEECs, providing financial support to offset the costs of installing heat pump hot water systems.

This incentive not only encourages the adoption of cutting-edge technology but also empowers Victorians to embrace sustainable solutions, leading to lower energy bills and contributing to the state’s broader energy efficiency objectives. Similar to the STC program, the VEU Incentive is offered upfront to customers.

Estimated Value:

Approximately $800
For replacing existing Electric Hot Water Systems

Approximately $420
For replacing existing Gas Hot Water Systems.



Register your interest via filling out our online form and find out if you are eligible for the VIC rebate.

Assessment for eligibility

One of our energy experts will contact you to explore your qualification. They will also assess the current placement of your current hot water system and the planned new location.

Installation Process

We’ll coordinate a convenient installation timeframe for you. Our skilled team of certified plumbers and electricians will seamlessly uninstall your old system and install the new one, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Enjoy your service

We will ensure to provide a smooth and safe process so you get to enjoy your hot water and energy bill savings sooner rather than later.

Trinity Plumbing handles all rebate arrangements for you.

Reach out to our friendly team today to discover how much you can save.
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Due to their energy efficiency, iStore heat pumps can save you money on your monthly utility bills. Over time, the cost savings can offset the initial investment in the system. These heat pumps are designed for durability and long-term performance. You can rely on them to provide consistent hot water for years to come with minimal maintenance.

The Australian government mandates a provision of 50 liters of hot water per individual daily. Considering this, the 180L iStore can generate a maximum of 1,400 liters per day at a rate of 60 liters per hour. We recommend the 180L model for households of up to 3 people, especially those who prioritize water conservation by using water-saving showerheads. For larger families, the 270L iStore is a suitable choice as it can produce a maximum of 1,900 liters per day at a rate of 80 liters per hour.
The iStore range includes the 180L for up to 3 people in a water conscious household whereas our 270L is the family size unit. The 180L can produce on average 1600 litres per day in ECO mode and 1900 litres per day from the 270L in ECO mode. Talk to Trinity Plumbing for your individual need.

Certainly, the iStore doesn’t depend on sunlight. It harnesses energy from the ambient air, ensuring a consistent supply of hot water day and night, throughout every season.

In contrast to traditional gas and electric resistive hot water systems, the iStore exceeds the most current safety standards set in Australia. It operates with an exceptionally low power consumption (equivalent to or less than that of a household kettle), making it a seamless addition to the existing electrical setup in any Australian residence or commercial establishment.

The iStore development team dedicated over 10,000 man-hours to ensure the compressor operates with minimal noise levels while maintaining high efficiency. Independent testing has verified that the iStore registers a sound level of just 46.6dB at 1 meter. This represents an outstanding accomplishment, and we take pride in offering one of the quietest systems currently accessible in the market.

Certainly, the initial step is to contact your insurance company. iStore strongly advises notifying your insurance provider and having them included in your policy. Additionally, it’s advisable to verify if your policy includes fusion protection for safeguarding against power surges.

If your football team decides to stay over following a victorious game, the iStore offers manual override capabilities. If you have configured your unit to draw power exclusively from your PV system during daylight hours but encounter an unanticipated surge in demand, you can easily activate manual control. To do so, unlock the screen by pressing and holding the power button for 8 seconds, and then wake it up to operate immediately by pressing the power button for one second.

Certainly, there might be instances of increased demand when it becomes necessary to activate the booster either within or outside the regular heat cycles. To initiate a manual boost, simply press the booster button. Please note that this boost is a one-time operation and will not remain active for subsequent heat cycles.

Yes – to comply with stored water regulations the iStore will carry out a weekly anti Legionella cycle.

Yes, the iStore has an internal memory so that if there is any loss of power when the power returns it remembers all the settings and timers you have programmed in.
The iStore units are listed on the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator registry – Rec-Registry under the System Brand “IHEAT” with the two System models included as PASHW008-180LD-NM and PASHW015-270LD-FL02
The iStore uses R134a refrigerant gas, R-134a is a very safe refrigerant with an ASHRAE safety classification of A1. This means it is not flammable and has very low toxicity levels. Because HFC-134a has no chlorine in its molecule, it has a zero ozone-depletion potential (ODP) and doesn’t deplete the stratospheric ozone layer. R-134a is used extensively in Australia across a wide variety of applications including hot water heat pumps, air conditioners and almost every vehicle air conditioner.
By installing an iStore, you can save up to $1000 per year.
Installing an iStore is the equivalent of removing 4 tonnes worth of CO2 every year!
How long before my system pays itself back should be changed to “Based on 200 litres per day usage (4 people) a household replacing an electric storage, or 10-year-old gas system could expect a return on investment to be approximately 3 years when factoring in the replacement / purchase cost of a traditional hot water system.
Yes. Depending on your residing state in Australia, customers replacing existing traditional hot water systems may be eligible for $800 to $3000 off their system cost!
Yes, the 2 models operate with the same efficient, tried, and proven heating process. The super-efficient 180L with a powerful 500W compressor will heat all your hot water or the powerful 900W compressor in our 270L will cover all your hot water needs for your large and growing family.
The most common installation location is on the ground, located outside the home. Custom solutions for tight / elevated areas can be designed, however please contact an iStore specialist to discuss your needs.

The 270L all-in-one iStore will require approximately 0.7m in width x 2.1m height whereas the iStore 180L is specifically designed for narrow block installations and has the unique dimensions of 0.54m in width x 2.1m height.

Yes – the iStore can in fact be installed indoors as the refrigerant used is non-flammable and safe to be installed indoors. Provision for adequate fresh air to unit location shall be provided. Contact iStore to discuss your site-specific needs.

Typically, an installation of the iStore will take between 2-3 hours to complete. In almost all installation scenarios you will have hot water again the same evening of installation.
Yes – the iStore is an ideal replacement for existing gas or electric hot water systems. In fact, installing an iStore when replacing existing hot water systems takes about the same time as installing a traditional gas or electric hot water system.

Yes – the iStore is very easy to maintain. After your iStore is installed and commissioned, maintenance required is very minimal.

iStore recommends that a 5-year service be conducted to ensure the system is working at maximum efficiency.

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